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What is Prague Ratter like? 


The Prague Ratter (in Czech “Prazsky Krysarik”) is a lively, loving, cheerful, playful, cuddly dog who makes a wonderful family pet. He attaches himself to everyone in the family, and lives to give and receive attention and affection. He’s a sweet natured dog who loves to snuggle into warm places or curl up in your bed. He’s clean and almost cat-like as he likes to sit up on high places where he can observe what is happening. He makes a good apartment dog. For the most part he is easy-going and relaxed in the house, but he’s also quite playful and active, and won’t sit still all day. He can’t be left in a yard or kenneled as he craves human company and doesn’t like to be left alone. He’s quick and energetic and loves a daily walk. He is very good with other dogs, cats and other pets. He makes an excellent watchdog because he is extremely observant and will alert you to strangers. He is friendly and loving to those he knows but shy and wary of strangers. He is friendly, playful and understanding with children, but is too small and fragile for very young children. He is a fast learner but hates to be scolded and needs gentleness, treats and praise. He hates the cold and needs a coat to keep him warm on cold days.