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L to R: Cupitalek Secure Power (imp Czech), Jamboree z Jeric (imp Czech) and Millie of Coastal Prague Ratters

Cupitalek Secure Power (imp Czech) wins Best Puppy in Show at Jerenice, March 2016. 

Jamboree z Jeric (Imp Czech) 

Pip of Coastal Prague Ratters

Jamboree Prague Ratters

About Me

Hello my name is Harriette and I live in Canberra ACT. I fell in love with Prague Ratters at first sight and then I bought two puppies, Pip and Millie, from Coastal Prague Ratters. They brought me so much joy that I went overseas to the Czech Republic and bought two more from leading breeders. Jamboree z Jeric and Honeymoon Ostrova Baber arrived in Australia in August 2015. In 2016 I visited Czech again and attended a show where 72 Prague Ratters were exhibited. My third import, Cupitalek Secure Power (Dupik), arrived in November 2017. Dupik won a Best Puppy in Show at the KPPPK Club Show in Jesenice in March 2016. 

I have a long history with owning, breeding and exhibiting dogs, including Scottish Deerhounds and French Briards. Visiting the Czech Republic and meeting leading breeders was one of the highlights of my life. I was immensely impressed by their dedication and their determination to breed dogs that meet the breed standard. 

Breeding Philosophy

I am passionate about this wonderful breed and wish to help establish it in Australia I look forward to breeding puppies that meet the exacting standards expected in the breed’s homeland and promoting the breed in Australia. Ultimately I hope that the breed will be  recognised by the Australian Kennel Association so that we can exhibit them at dog shows. 

Honeymoon z Ostrova Baber (imp Czech)