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The History of the Breed



The Prague Ratter is one of the national breeds of the Czech Republic. Early references to the breed have been found in chronicles dating back to 770-840AD. References and images of the breed appear in chronicles relating the Czech King Charles IV (1378-1611) and Emperor Rudolph II (1576-1611). Images of the breed appear in paintings from the 16th-19th centuries. The breed is often confused with the Chihuahua but because of the conclusive evidence of its presence in Europe before the discovery of America, there is no doubt that there is no relationship between these breeds.

The popularity of the breed began to wain in the 1900’s and by the 20th century it was almost extinct. In 1980 a concerted effort began in Czechoslovakia to save the breed, and in 1990 the Club of Prazsky Krysarik Lovers (Czech Republic) was formed, see http://prazsky-krysarik.cz/. This breed's small size and sweet nature has prompted “Prague Ratter Clubs” to form around the world.